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About Us

Who We Are:

Security Glass Block has been providing the Greater Milwaukee area with the highest quality glass block products and services for 30 years. Incorporated in March of 1990, by Bill Wirth, with the simple goal of providing homeowners and business owners of Milwaukee with the highest quality product and service possible. Bill built Security Glass Block from nothing into the areas most recommended and reliable glass block provider. He accomplished this by always looking to innovate the products, processes, and services that we provide and never resting on past successes.

In October of 2006, Jim Coster and his wife Lynn purchased Security Glass Block from Bill. Jim had been a long-time employee of Bill’s and had a passion for the glass block industry and providing his customers with a quality product at a fair price. Jim continued to build on the foundation that Bill laid, and built a large customer following by providing excellent service and assembling the area’s finest installation teams to service our customers.

After an extensive and very thorough search for a business that would meet their personal and professional goals, and most importantly align with their values of how employees and customers should be treated, on October 18th, 2019, Nick and Brianna Behselich purchased Security Glass Block. With a reputation of providing the Greater Milwaukee area with high quality products and services for 30 years, Nick and Brianna knew that growing the Security Glass Block brand and reputation was the right choice for their family and the next chapter in their lives.

Nick and Brianna as entrepreneurs, carry a unique skill set when it comes to people and business. Nick has a background and passion for business and the construction trades and combined with Brianna’s background in education and people development, they bring a strong skill set to their customer’s projects and building the Security Glass Block team. This, along with their drive to provide the best possible product and service to their customers is what gets them up every morning! With 30 years of reputable products and services, and Nick and Brianna’s drive for constant improvement and quality American made products, Security Glass Block is committed to continued success and more importantly customer satisfaction!


What Makes Us Different?

Security Glass Block not only brings a superior experience to our customers, but the process we use to fabricate our custom glass block windows, shower walls, and glass block panels is totally unique. Rather than traditional mortar, for almost 20 years Security Glass Block has fabricated our glass block windows and panels with a product called Instant Glaze. Instant Glaze is specifically designed to physically bond glass together, it adheres to the glass blocks, providing a bond that is 10x stronger than traditional mortar. Instant Glaze also provides a much cleaner finished product, removing the 1/4” grout lines between each block, where dirt, mold and mildew typically live and grow. The Instant Glaze not only completely seals out any air and moisture from penetrating your window, it is also infused with an antimicrobial compound, making it physically impossible for mold and mildew to grow in the joints of your windows! As one of only two companies in the entire country who fabricates their windows with this technology, we are proud to bring this innovative technology to an “old school” way of fabricating glass block windows in Milwaukee and the Southern Wisconsin area.

In addition to our products, our installation technicians are the best in the industry. With over 50 years of combined experience in installing glass blocks, our crews are swift, thorough, courteous, and clean. While much of the world is going the way of social media and digital advertising, we still believe that we owe our success to the referrals and word of mouth that only outstanding customer service and quality finished projects can provide. We get calls weekly from customers who complement our installation teams on how their home is cleaner after we left than it was prior to their new windows being installed. We understand and appreciate the fact that our customers are allowing us into their homes to provide them a product and service. It is with this mindset that our installation technicians carry when going into a customer’s home.

Our Process:

After you contact us, either through our website or via phone, we will collect the information we need prior to coming to your home or jobsite. While we can get most of the measurements we need to provide you with a quote from outside the home or property, there are occasions where we do need to get inside to get an accurate measurement. While we do not need anyone to be home to get our measurements, we understand that some homeowners like to meet with a contractor that will be performing work on their home prior to installation taking place. We are more than happy to meet with you and talk through the entire process and answer any questions you may have. Once we have all the information we need, we strive to get you a proposal by the next day. After you have the proposal in hand, all you need to do is sign the agreement, select a glass block style, and choose an available installation date. It really is as simple as that!

Three days before your scheduled installation, you will receive a call from us as a reminder that we will be coming to install your glass block and will provide you with an estimated time of arrival for our installation team (please note, that we do our best when giving customers an estimated arrival time, however, this is construction/remodeling work, and unexpected things can come up from time to time). On the day of installation, our crew will arrive at your home or business and will be professional, clean, and courteous of your time, space, and home/business. Our crews strive to provide each customer with a quality finished product that they can be proud of and that allows them to keep their home safe and secure for years to come! We will not leave your home or business until you are satisfied with your new glass block products.