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Glass Block Installation

We will come out to your house or job site and measure your project to provide you with an accurate quote then our qualified team will come back to install the product as well. Most of our clients are not the “Do-It-Yourself” type and appreciate that we take care of the installation process. Our company has many years of experience dealing with all things related to glass blocks and strives to bring the detailed and professional touch to create the type finished product that our clients are really looking for in their homes and offices.

Many of our clients are commercial construction companies, home builders, and remodeling contractors and we have a dedicated team that acts as a subcontractor for these clients. If you own or work for a construction company that is always looking for reliable subcontractors to supply your clients with quality end results then please reach out to us via our contact us form at the top of this web page or call us now at (414) 453-9110.

The process is simple:

  1. Give us a call! – This is where our team gets an idea of your project and your needs.
  2. Measurement Meeting – Our team will need to come out and physically measure your project to ensure that we get an accurate estimate for pricing your project.
  3. Final Agreement – We will review, approve, and sign an up front an accurate estimate then select a project installation date. Our team will then order material for your project if needed.
  4. Installation Day – Our technical installation team will come back to the project site to complete the installation.
  5. Curing Process – The materials need to settle just a bit before they are fully complete.
  6. Enjoy! – Your new glass block project is complete!


If you are looking for a Glass Block Installation Milwaukee ranks highest and most reviewed then contact us via the button at the top of this page or just give us a call at (414) 453-9110.

Our dedicated team has been trained to be loyal first to a high standard of safety and second to a strong set of company core values that allow for them to regularly earn high star review rankings from clients. Working at Security Glass Block means that you have subscribed to be a part of a team mission to provide the highest level of security glass block expertise and construction services in the Milwaukee and greater Wisconsin area.


Prefabricated Glass Block Window Supply

The team here at Security Glass Block does a good deal of the assembly in our shop. Due to the nature of the material it often makes sense to assemble an entire project or pieces of a project at our shop rather than at the site of the project.

Quite regularly we have a homeowner come into our showroom already having a glass block feature built into their home and they need them replaced. Just as your roof needs to be repaired, eventually your glass block features will need to be replaced. Even though the materials are better now than they have ever been, the materials used to bond the blocks together wear over time. Eventually the glass blocks will no longer be structurally sound and may begin falling apart. If you suspect that your existing glass block structure may be in need of replacement please give us a call at (414) 453-9110 and we would be happy to help you.

If you are needing to replace an existing glass block window, wall, or structure and you already have the exact measurements it is possible for our team to construct a replacement for you in our shop for you to come and pick up. We also offer to install for those that do not want to do so themselves. See “Glass Block Installation” section above.

Glass Block Window Design

What are the benefits of glass blocks? There are many different uses for glass blocks and this material comes with great benefits. In addition to helping to keep out unwanted dirt and debris that normal windows allow to seep in, the glass blocks are just as efficient of an option for controlling heating and cooling costs and keeping your utility bill at a reasonable monthly amount. Also, during a robbery situation giant blocks of glass that are glued together covering the openings in your home are a much safer and more preferable option for those who value security.

These blocks are completely sealed together and this means that heat control is enhanced and noise control is improved over the performance of normal windows. Comparable with thermal pane windows, glass blocks are a viable, durable, and time tested alternative with many custom options. There are a lot of options to consider. Our clients appreciate that we have years of experience dealing with these materials as we are able to accommodate their design needs. The design process at Security Glass Block has been greatly simplified.

First we get the logistics out of the way by determining the best uses for glass block materials on your next project. Once we know how you plan to use the material we can nail down the perfect brand, style, and finish of materials that will work best for your taste and needs. We have a large amount of example materials on hand and a portfolio of sample projects available for review to help our clients narrow down their specific desires for their projects.

Next we go out to the site of the project and get an accurate measurement of the construction space or spaces to ensure that we are able to provide an accurate estimate of materials required to complete the project. From there we can provide materials for those who have their own installation team or that desire to install on their own. We can complete installations for clients that need them. See “Glass Block Installation” section above.

Many times people are surprised at the amount of different possibilities there are for how to incorporate glass block features into a project to create stunning finishes. Commercial builders have used the glass block style for many accents in their buildings, from fountains and columns to walls and windows, for many years and yet the glass block remains a classic. If you are in need of some expertise for your next security glass block project please give us a call at (414) 453-9110 and we would be happy to help you find and design a long lasting and custom solution.