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We have a variety of Basement Windows Milwaukee for our customers to choose from. We want to provide you with options for glass block styles so that you do not feel stuck with one certain style. Depending on the particular reason that you need glass block windows, we can help assist you with the option of glass block windows that will be best for you. Since glass block windows can be used in a variety of places in a variety of different ways, we would love to consult with you to help you determine what will work best for you.

We have a very strategic process for determining, getting quotes for, and installing Basement Windows Milwaukee. you can reach out to us either through our website or over the phone, and we will happily assist you through whichever contact method you prefer. Once you get in contact with us, we will gather some information from you. After gathering this information from you, we will travel to the location of the place that you are wanting to have a glass block window installed. We will get measurements for the area of the glass block that needs to be installed. After we get these measurements, we will be able to provide you with an estimate for the cost and installation of the glass block windows. We will get you the quote by the next day, since we believe in fast customer service. We do not want you to have to wait a very long period of time to get your quote.

Once we get a close set up for your Basement Windows Milwaukee, we will provide you with a list of different blocks that we offer, and you can take the block that you think works best for you. different styles for you to choose from. Next, We will determine a date and time that works best for doing the installation of your glass block windows. Once we have a day and time set up, and you have signed the agreement, we will contact you three days before your scheduled appointment. This will serve as a friendly reminder for your appointment.

When our team arrives, we will be as fast, clean, professional, and courteous as possible. We strive to create a quality finish on the work that we do and we’ll do what is necessary to create a quality result that our customers are happy with. In fact, we will not leave your location until your new glass block windows are perfect and exceed your expectations.

We would be so excited to hear from you! feel free to reach out to us through our website to set up a Time that works best for you so that we can get a quote ready for you. On our website, we also feature a list of our products and services as well as a gallery of pictures of our previous work. If you are interested, you can also call us At 414-453-9110.

Basement Windows Milwaukee | Our Story

We strive to create the best Basement Windows Milwaukee, as we always have. When the security glass block was created, the intention was to serve people and businesses in the area with the highest quality of glass block. This was done by using the highest quality of materials as well as By utilizing new and leading technology. Later down the road, one of the original owners’ employees purchased the company. His goal was to carry on the legacy of serving people in the community as well as providing the best products and services in the area. Part of serving the community consisted of creating these glass blocks at a reasonable price, which is what the company is all about. On top of the affordable price, our installation teams are of highest quality and will always go above and beyond to ensure satisfaction.

Another 13 years down the road, the business was purchased by another couple who were looking to incorporate their values into their business in Basement Windows Milwaukee. These new purchasers made it a mission to create the best customer service, as well as keeping the treatment of their employees in mind. they wanted to make sure that not only for customers getting treated with absolute respect and integrity, but so were their employees. Having Business and Entrepreneurship skills from one side, and people and development skills from the other side, this couple was able to vastly expand and develop the security glass block team. They also Had great interests in making the best and most durable products.

In fact, when making Basement Windows Milwaukee, our team actually uses highly graded materials as well as over the top sealant for the glass windows. Most companies use mortar to bind the glass blocks together. We use a product called instant glaze. This product is designed specifically to bind to glass, leaving no room for any air bubbles or Pockets to work their way through from one side of the other. This creates an excellent barrier for water, dirt, debris, and any bugs that might want to work their way in. This also prevents mold in any way since instant glaze is infused with antimicrobial properties.

With traditional mortar, room for air pockets is left, allowing mold and mildew to get into the crevices of the mortar and overgrow inside of it. a traditional mortar also has a rough finish and collects lots of dirt and debris. When mortar is degraded or has patches or holes in it, it makes it easy for water to seep through the crevices. In that sense, dirt debris is also liable to make its way into the window and into the room that the window is surrounding. We want to prevent that at all costs by creating a design that does not allow any gaps or holes to come through.

If glass block windows is something that you are interested or thinking about doing, feel free to reach out to us by dialing the number 414-453-9110 or visit our website