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If you or someone you know is looking to glass block windows put in your home or business properties, then best glass block supplier milwaukee is the best business for you. Those claims that we get don’t necessarily understand the benefits or how to install these glass block windows which is why we’re here to offer our services to the community. We’ve been in business for over 50 years so we can guarantee that whenever you get our services it’s going to be the best in the market. We strive to continue to offer the best customer service and installation that’s possible on the market today.

An amazing aspect of our company that’s going to set us apart from our competition in the area with the best glass block supplier milwaukee, is we are continuously expanding and innovating all of our products. We’re going to ensure that every product that you get is going to meet the code that is given by the state Regulators so your home is going to be safe 100% of the time. If you’re getting a glass block window installed in your basement that it is important to know the location that it’s going to. If it’s a bedroom or bathroom then you’ll need to have a vent or an area that you could open to crawl out of your safety. if it’s located in a living area then you don’t necessarily have to have that.

As soon as you start the process and services with the best glass block supplier milwaukee, you’re going to be getting our expertise and knowledge with all of our hard-working Associates. We are been in business for over 50 years and counting so you can rest assured that you’re getting the top in the industry. Our core values are honesty and integrity so we’re going to exceed your expectations every time whenever it comes to putting your glass block window in. We want to make sure that every customer that we have is continuously happy with her services. We are always outreaching and continuing to grow our business from not just the state but to the surrounding states as well now.

We’re excited to get you started on your dream windows for your home that are going to make it look unique to different homes in your neighborhood. We have so many different options it’s going to benefit your style and needs of the window that you’re putting in. We can also put small unnoticeable ventilation systems in your glass windows that you can that hose through in case there is a disaster such as flooding or a sewage leak. We really hope that no one has to ever go through a sewage leak, flooding seems like a better option. So you’ll be able to stick a hose to that ventilation system to be able to suck out anything that has flooded into your basement.

We want to ensure that you were satisfied 100% of the time so we would love for you to reach out to us to ask any questions or comments about our glass window company. The phone number that you can reach us at is (414) 453-9110 and we are happy to get you started today on a quote or get it installed as soon as possible. If you want to look at the glass designs that we offer you can go to our website at and you can find a style that’s going to benefit you the most.

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If you’re looking to get glass block windows installed at your home then we would love for you to reach out to the best glass block supplier Milwaukee. we’re going to ensure that you are satisfied with every installation that we do and it is the high-quality material that we offer. We have a 5-year warranty so if something were to happen to the installation or materials we will guarantee to replace it for free. This excludes any damage or vandalism that could possibly happen to your home. At that point, that’s not an us problem that is a you problem. But other than that we are more than happy to replace anything that goes wrong with our installation process.

We are continuously rated to be at the top in our industry as the best glass block supplier milwaukee because we work really hard to Innovate all of our glass blocks and the techniques that we used to install them. We will make sure to go above and beyond for any various needs that you have. If you are needing your window replaced or a couple of blocks replaced then if you have the exact measurements you can swing by our office and pick it up then you can install it yourself if that’s what you’d like to do or you can hire us to do the last window and install. We try to offer versatile pricing options.

Since we’ve been in business for over 50 years at the best glass block supplier milwaukee we can guarantee that you’re going to get the expertise and knowledge of highly trained Professionals in our industry. So anything that we do and your home is going to be done correctly the first time without having to redo it. We are excited to give you a quote today so you can get started on all of your glass block window needs. We have many different styles that you can pick from our website that are going to benefit you and the style of your home. We are starting to expand out of the state to two different locations so that’s going to ensure you that we are continuously getting growth and upholding our values.

Anything that we can do for you with our company for your glass block window needs we will make it happen. No job is too big or too small or too complicated. We’ve been doing this for a very long time so we can guarantee that any glass block service that you’re needing to be done we can do. We also can do shower walls that require very little upkeep and the cleaning process for a lot more simple. Whatever you get your windows installed you can spray them off with the hose instead of having to use glass cleaner. We’re excited to be needing all of your needs today and we hope that we can get you started on a quote soon.

If you’re looking for glass block windows that are aesthetically pleasing and have a super easy maintenance process then we would love for you to give us a call at (414) 453-9110 or visit our website at for any questions that you might have regarding our services. We would love to get you started today on your glass block needs for your windows in any area of your home. We can do basements, bathrooms, garages, and so much more! It’s time for you to have the best-looking house in your neighborhood.