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We are the closest Glass Block Supplier Milwaukee to you. We travel within a 20-30-mile radius but depending on your project size we will consider traveling further than our typical radius. We have a cycle process of installing your glass block windows. You can fill out a form online for us to contact you or you can contact us and we’ll be able to have a team that gets the idea of your project and your needs. After we have discussed your needs are measurement team will be able to come out to you and physically measure your projects. We will get an accurate estimate and give you the proper pricing for your project. once we have accurately made an estimate for your project, we will receive, approve, and sign an upfront accurate estimate as our final agreement for your selected project installation. that’s what includes an installation date and our table be able to order materials for your project if needed.

When it comes to your installation day our technicians who are a part of our installation team will come back to the project site to complete the installation. we will need somebody on site to let us in and answer any questions or concerns prior to the project. glass block windows have been installed, we will then go through a curing process. Your materials will need to settle for a little bit before your project is fully complete. After the curing process, you will be able to admire your new glass block windows!

Our dedicated team works diligently and we are trained to be loyal to our first high standard of safety and second to have a strong set of company core values. Our team who is trained and works diligently has allowed them to be recognized regularly through our five-star reviews from our clients. Working at a Glass Block Supplier Milwaukee means we have a team mission to provide the highest level of security glass block windows. We are highly valued as we value our customers as well you’ll be able to get great material, great benefits, and exceptional customer service.

Our expertise and diligence allow us to be able to give our customers the best experience. Glass Block Supplier Milwaukee Assembles the entire project or pieces at our shop rather than the site of the project. Quite regularly our customers will come to and to our showroom but they already have a glass block feature built into their home. although they already have a glass block window installed. the materials used up on the Block together eventually wear out in time. will be able to replace your broken square window. we want to make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied. we have five-star reviews and we are the highest-rated company. we’ll be able to handle all of your glass block structures and replacement.

If you have any questions or concerns about your glass block installation or repair please feel free to give us a call at 414-453-9110. For more information about what we can provide for you and how we can make you a satisfied customer today by visiting us at

Glass Block Supplier Milwaukee | Don’t Want To Install It Yourself, Let Us Do It!

If you are needing a replacement or existing glass block windows we are your great Glass Block Supplier Milwaukee. If you are needed to replace any existing glass block windows, walls, or structures and you have the exact measurements it is possible for our team to be able to construct your glass block windows for you to pick up at our shop. if you don’t want to install it yourself, let us do it! we’ll be able to offer installation to those who don’t want to do it themselves. You’ll be able to relax while we’ll do the hard work.

We have different uses when it comes to glass blocks and materials. we have great benefits when working with us and we’ll be able to help you keep out unwanted dirt and debris with our glass blocks. our glass block windows are efficient and an option for controlling your heating or Cooling costs. glass block windows are much safer and preferable as they are glued together so during a robbery situation you will be safer. You’ll be glad to know that when you install your glass blocks you’ll be getting more security than traditional windows.

Our Glass Block Supplier Milwaukee Offers blocks that are completely still together. and this will be able to control the enhanced noise and to be able to control the overall performance of normal windows. Glass walks are viable, durable, and time-tested alternatives for many custom options. the design process at the security glass block has been greatly simplified. we have years of experience and we have been dealing with these materials that will be able to accommodate your design and needs. We are here to answer any of your questions and walk you through the process of installation

We make sure that we get an accurate measurement and that we are able to construct the space or spaces to ensure that they’ll be able to provide accurate materials. we can also provide materials for those who have their own installation team or desire to sell them on their own. we can completely install them for our clients that need them. will be able to create stunning finishes that people have been surprised with the number of different possibilities we can do with glass blocks. for your commercial builders, we use glass block styles for many Accents in their buildings. from fountains and columns to walls and windows will be able to give you a unique look with your last block windows today. our team of professionals at Glass Block Supplier Milwaukee Is excited to help you with your project.

If you are in need of expertise for your glass of lock security windows and give us a call today at 414-453-9110. On our website, you’ll be able to fill out a form online and we can get your quote in a matter of no time with one of our professionals who will come out to you and contact you at