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If you are getting ready for a move-in or need a replacement on your current windows, Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement can help you out! Many people do not understand the difference between a great window and a bad window; most windows are insufficient when it comes to the environment of your home, office, or building. We want to help you get the highest quality of windows so you can have a nicer and healthier space! Security Glass Block is Milwaukee’s top company/ for windows and will never shy away from any troubles, so give us a call today!

Security Glass Block has been in the window and glass business for over thirty years and our team has had the pleasure of helping out thousands of clients throughout the decades. Our team of awesome experts can handle anything when it comes to your windows! Our team has plenty of years of experience installing beautiful glass windows and also replacing old windows as well. We are happy to inform you of how great we are! We also love to prove the greatness of our glass block windows and create an environment you deserve. You can trust that Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement will get you taken care of and you will feel confident as we are working on your installation or replacement.

Many people prefer Security Glass Block over other competitors for a numerous number of reasons. Our team is highly skilled in the industry and has over thirty years of experience. During and after the job, the strong passion for what we do is shown. We love to leave clients overly-satisfied by giving them the best service possible each and every single time. Clients love Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement because of all the awesome benefits! Our team also has a five year warranty which means that after we finish business, we will not leave you hanging! We will cover any repairs within the first 5 years after the job is completed. You simply will not find better service with any of our competitors because we train our team to be the best!

Glass Block windows are the best windows that you can ever have for your environment! Whether they are for decoration, security, and prevention, they create a whole new impact in your environment. Glass block windows look amazing in any space; This could be your home, office, or building that you currently occupy. These windows are highly popular for all the benefits they bring. Glass black windows completely prevent anything such as rain water or dirt and debris. These windows also help with the cost of your heating and cooling system! That means cheaper bills! Heat control is more advanced and noise control is greatly improved, which is very helpful in the environment you are in on a daily basis.

Come get yourself a team that will get the job done right and keep your bill at a reasonable cost! All you need to do is visit us at and get signed up for your first free estimate located on the main page of our website. Do not hesitate to give us a call at 414-453-9110 for any further questions and we will be so excited to help you out!

Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement | Trying out Window Professionals? We Can Help!

Have you been consciously looking out for the top Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement? If so, we got you in the right place! Many people go with the wrong window company due to their being so many and not having the correct information. We want to help you get set up with the very best window professionals in the industry. Windows are so important for your home and environment; they can easily make or break your environment! That is why we want to set you up with the leading window and glass company in the nation to enhance your environment.

Our team at Security Glass Block is always there when you need us! We are very passionate about our glass block windows and we love to teach clients more about them and why they are so beneficial to environments. We are happy to install fresh glass block windows or even replace your old windows with them. We even come out to pick up any leftover trash that may have been left by the previous crew. With Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement, the job will stay on budget and will even save you money. We believe that our clients’ happiness is more important than us making money. We stay humble and proud of our team due to the hard work that has been put in over the years.

Glass block windows are seriously the best and let me tell you why! This type of window uses a sealant that allows the window to be completely sealed off from the outdoors. This means heating temperature on the inside will be saved and cost you less each month. This also means absolutely no dirt, debris, water, mold, and everything else stays outside allowing for a much cleaner and healthier environment. This also means that noise from the outside is prevented more than regular windows. You will never hear engines or loud music with these beautiful glass block windows! You will be shocked to see results from Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement when the job is completed! A great shock, we promise.

The process is extremely easy from the get-go! We make it simple for our clients before, during, and after the job is completed. We would not be doing our best if we were allowing any negatives into their equation that affects our clients. Visit us online at our website/, and submit some information about yourself and the job you want. We have a 100% guarantee that we will get to you within an entire day. After this part, we will take measurements needed to get the job done on time and on budget as well as all the necessary information. Then, we will send a proposal for you to look at! The final step is the most fun for our clients! Before starting the job, we need the client to sign the agreement and then they get to select a glass block style and choose the best installation date that works for you!

Come on in and let us help you get started with Security Glass Block today! It will be one of the best decisions you can make for your home. Visit us on the web at and get your information in for your free estimate! Our phone/ lines are happily open for any further questions you may have if you dial 414-453-9110 .