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Here at the security glass block, we offer the services of Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement. However, our services do not just end at basement window replacement. We are also specialized in using glass blocks for a variety of purposes. We can use glass blocks to create partitions and rooms, and we can also use glass blocks as shower walls. Using glass box shower walls creates an elegant look, as well as preserves the privacy of the inside of the shower. Since glass blocks are extremely difficult to see through, the person on the inside of the shower will maintain their privacy while also feeling classy in their glass shower. Many glass showers are created with very clear and see-through glass. While this look is very attractive and desirable, it leaves virtually no privacy for the person on the inside of the shower. with our glass blocks, your problem can be solved.

Not only do we do Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement for glass block windows, but we also do window replacement for traditional windows. We are happy to replace traditional windows with glass block windows. If you are wondering about the cost and time that I will take to install these, we are more than happy to give you a free estimate today when you check out our website.

Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement, but we also offer it at an affordable rate with quality service and materials. We even offer a 5-year warranty for materials and labor. Our warranty does not cover any kind of outside damage due to vandalism, or accidents, however, we do cover any problems Within the window itself due to fault and build or fault in the material. In the case that your window becomes damaged due to vandalism or accidents, we can replace the single block that is damaged without the need to replace the entire window.

If you’re looking for the best basement window replacement, using glass blocks, we are more than happy to help you when you get in touch with us. keep in mind that we can use our glass blocks by not only replacing your windows, but we can also use them for various other purposes such as creating a partitioning while or creating a shower wall to maintain the privacy of the shower. Since glass blocks are difficult to see through, we can also install glass block windows in bathrooms so that no one can see inside the bathroom, yet you are still able to get the natural sunlight through the windows.

We look forward to hearing from you soon, either by phone number or through our website. you can get in contact with us by phone number by dialing the number 414-453-9110. You can also check out our website to get a free estimate for your windows today at Our customer service representatives are always happy to help you and walk you through your situation to help you come to the best conclusion possible to fit your needs.

Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement | keep out the critters

If you have a problem with bugs and other Critters getting into your window, then you need a Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement. We offer some of the best and most reliable window services. issues with bugs can be completely terminated when you choose to have a glass block window installed. This is because the sealant we use between our glass blocks is adhesive to Glass specifically and can create a strong bond between the glass blocks. This allows no room for anything to get in or out of the glass blocks since they are sealed so well. We even use a special ingredient in our sealant to stop mold and mildew from growing inside and between the crevices of the glass blocks.

We are sure that when you are searching for Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement, we want to make sure that you’re getting the best price possible. That is why we strive to keep our products at a low price so that they can be used by everyone that wants to get a hold of them. we do not see the sense in raising our prices extremely high, because that is not what our integrity is based around. We are a company that aims to provide for our community and give our community excellent service. That is why we keep our customers concerned and are always courteous of what our customers desire. to increase our customer service, we also allow our customers to choose the type and style of glass blocks that they would like. It is nice to have some variety and options when choosing glass blocks. That is why we do not want to add only one boring Style to our gallery, but instead add variety into our options.

if you are searching for Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement, and want them at an affordable price along with amazing customer service, and you want to have a variety of options to choose from so that you do not have the same exact Style of glass block windows is everyone else, we would absolutely love for you to get in touch with us so that we can start setting you up with the plan that will benefit you the most.

We can even help you decide what kind of glass block windows you need, and we can even give you a free estimate based on General measurement sizes. We do this by asking you a few questions and getting to know your situation. We want to create a personalized experience for you. We will get a more in-depth quote later by Having our installation crew come and measure the area of the glass block window that is being installed for you.

if you are searching for replacement windows, and are interested in substituting the old boring traditional one does with new classy glass block windows, then we suggest you reach out to us at 414-453-9110 and visit our website To learn more about us today.