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Here at security glass blocks of Wisconsin We provide not only the best Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement but the best window replacement for multiple types of windows. Not only do we provide the best service and the best products but we get it done fast as well. Our normal jobs are all unique but usually take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes to install any normal glass block basement windows and it takes approximately 1 to 2 hours to install glass block windows into a bathroom. Each quote that we give out to our customers includes our average labor cost of one hour unless specified otherwise due to description of job and the task at hand.

Our company is fully insured and when you want Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement you cannot only trust that we will get a job right but if catastrophe strikes and something goes wrong we have you totally covered either way with our substantial insurance liability policy which we can provide upon request. Here at security glass block Wisconsin we do not offer any payment plans in the house, because we do not believe anyone being left hanging or in charging interest rates. Even though we don’t offer in-house financing you can still take advantage of any outside financing sources that you can come up with such as but not limited to a personal loan, a business loan or using a credit card to pay for the transaction.

When you decide to use our company for your Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement you will find that our process is extremely simple and effective. When you decide to work with us we take down your credit or debit card information to schedule the job, withdrawing no payment upfront if you prefer to pay with cash or check. That is no problem for us either and you are welcome to pay the installers on the day of installation. Otherwise if you follow our normal process we install your project from start to finish and then after it is done and everything is satisfactory we charge your card for the agreed-upon amount.

One of the awesome perks of using us for your window replacement is the security glass blocks of Wisconsin can do any quote any time in any circumstance. The only time we are unable to offer a quote even if you were not home is when we have to access the interior of the property to take measurements, which happens really only if interior window insulation or measurements can usually be provided beforehand. After we go out to the property to take measurements and return to the office, assess the information and develop a detailed quote before getting in touch the next day with your completed proposal along with an explanation of different products and work for your specific situation.

If there’s a chance that you could take advantage of our product services or offerings or would like us to come out and evaluate and see if our products I filled the need for you to give us a call 414-453-9110 or feel free to visit our website anytime for more information at

Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement | Simple and Easy

When you need Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement you need a simple and easy installation of a new window at a great cost. We have exactly the simple process that you’re looking for and I’ll describe it step-by-step. The first step of you working with security glass blocks of Wisconsin he’s giving us a ring. From there we’ll speak about your project on the specific needs that it has in different ways that our team may be able to fill the needs of your project. From there we go out to the property to do a visual inspection and take measurements of the job so that we can build you an accurate quote at a great price.

From there if the quote for our Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement looks good to you we will meet to go over the final project agreement where we go over the project details approve or disapprove of the project adjust as necessary if need be choose a project installation date and order any and all Materials that we may need for the project if we do not already have them in house. When insulation day arrives our technicians will arrive on time to the project site and perform their absolute best window installation. Security Glass block installation is a craft it takes time to learn in which each of our experienced technicians know what it takes to get the right foot in the right style for your glass block window. After this stuff all that’s left is what the windows care and enjoy your new security glass block windows from security glass block Wisconsin.

You started your search looking for Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement and instead of a direct replacement to your existing single pane windows you found an awesome upgrade that will prevent you from having to make the same window replacement that you are now ever again. Our guarantees and our experience certify to you that our company has what it takes to get the job done right and at a good price each and every time.

Not only do our owners truly care about the products that we put out, this attitude carries down to the rest of our team here at Security Glass blocks of Wisconsin, where the number one job is to take care of important and beloved customers. Excellent work not only places customers and solves the need that they came to solve but our work is such a good edit access marketing source for our company as well allowing us to spend less money to attract business and offer you even better rates than we would otherwise. We truly care about our customers and community here at glass blocks Wisconsin and we hope that you take advantage of our services so that we can show you that directly.

Please give us a call at our phone number 414-453-9110 or visit our awesome looking newly upgraded website at or you can view more about our products features and installation process.