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If you’re seeking out working for a company that can serve your needs for Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement look absolutely no further than a security glass block. Security glass block Wisconsin has been an operation since March of 1990 and was founded by Bill Wirth. Bill’s simple goal when he started security glass block Wisconsin was to provide the absolute best service possible to homeowners and business owners of like in his local community. Feel absolutely loved security glass blocks and what they did for his community.

If you are looking for Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement, you should heavily consider security glass blocks Milwaukee, especially if you were caused or needed for window replacement in the first place. Not only is our security glass box more secure from the standpoint of normal glass when trying to be broken into, they have numerous other security features. Each independent glass would need to be individually broken in order for anyone to gain access to your property and along with this not only are hourglass blocks incredibly strong in the first place they are also sealed together with a protective barrier that not only keeps out with her but keeps out thefts and foe alike. Our security glass blocks not only provide physical security from outside threats but they also provide security by obscuring the picture on the inside of your property while still allowing beautiful and healthy Natural light inside if you were building.

Over the years Bill perfected the craft of Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement, but simply could not keep up with things himself anymore as time went on. Therefore in October 2006 Jim Coster purchased security glass Milwaukee and as a long-term employee of the company for years he truly knows the foundations of the company was built on and not only that has the experience to back up his position. He continued to grow the company based on the success that Bill had and used his techniques not only to continue increasing quality of service but to increase marketing efforts and insulation efforts so the security glass Milwaukee truly could become the premier window installer of Milwaukee.

Each job that we perform at the security glass block of Milwaukee is centered not only around repairing or improving your windows but providing security that no other product or material can. Glass blocks are unique and that they provide great security and obscurity from the outside all while allowing light into the building and holding up its structural integrity. In some situations the structural integrity can provide a great benefit such as that supporting structures do not have to be formed for the installation of glass blocks like they were in some other cases.

If you think that your windows may be a security concern or you had a recent break in and would like to maintain your windows and regain a feeling of safety in your home or work environment call 414-453-9110 now or visit our website at Where you can view special offers, products and schedule appointments for us to come see what we can do for you.

Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement | Best Option

Security glass block Wisconsin is your absolute best choice for Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement. We carry multiple styles of blocks with varying levels of opacity so that we can achieve the perfect visibility level that you have in mind for your home or business. On top of our security glass blocks providing an amazing value and security, they do even more than that. The thickness of the blocks act as a very good insulating material compared to normal windows and they will hold up to years of weathering and abuse not only from thieves but from critters on the ground level.

If you’re looking to find Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement, and you haven’t heard of or considered security glass blocks we would love to talk to you and tell you some of the benefits Glass blocks can provide for your property. A low standing window is an easy target for thefts as windows can be broken not only with simple tools but with hands or a rock even with minimal trace of who did the breaking in entering. If you can imagine trying to break a window of glass blocks, it seems like it would hurt especially if you were attempting to break in with a rock or your hands alone. On top of this each glass block installed into your window space as an individual piece Will break apart separately blocking intruders from gaining access without really individually breaking multiple pieces and causing a massive amount of noise and disturbance around them alerting you of their presence.

If you are searching Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement, you found the best company for you without even trying. Not only will this replace your windows but our products and services will give you an added layer of security like you have never felt before all while maintaining your visibility in natural light from the inside of your property. In a world war so many windows must be boarded up due to theft, vandalism and other factors, security Glass blocks Milwaukee I am is not only to keep our community secure, but to keep it as beautiful as it can be at the same time.

Here at Security Glass Box Wisconsin we truly care about each and every customer that we deal with and I’ll only care about the job that we do. We care about each and everyone of our customer safety and experience that they have with our products as last year‘s and years and provide benefits Long into the future. Glass blocks are the absolute perfect solution for any basement window Replacement for these reasons.

If you need your basement window fixed and you want to work with a company that cares about your safety, security and wallet call 414-453-9110 or visit at our website to request a money free quote on your property now, hassle free.