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Here at security glass block Wisconsin, we provide an absolutely premium experience for Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement. Our company is willing to travel any distance for the job given us a price is right, however if you do live in Wisconsin, we do our work for a Great rate that we encourage each member of our Wisconsin community to take advantage of it if they have any need. Our glass block installation is not only the most durable type of window the money can buy, it also provides a unique type of beauty distinct from any other type of window available on the market today. Whether you’re looking for a glass block window installation for security purposes or ability purposes style we have all different sorts of options that can fit the bill for you and satisfy any needs that you may have related to windows.

We are the best Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement Company in the industry. Being partnered directly with Milwaukee, the original manufacturer of security glass block windows, we have special advantages in our industry but not every company can access. Our prices beat out the competition because we derive our materials directly from the manufacturer each and every time rather than sourcing them locally or from other companies. This means that our customers get the best pricing each and every time that we can afford to keep operating our business even at such a low price for our services.

Our goal from the very beginning has been to provide a fantastic value proposition for any Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement Job big or small. Whether you are looking to change up your space or to repair damage we are a great fit to solve your basement window needs and concerns. Our customer service and staff are so efficient and friendly that our customers wish we performed more home repair services outside of our area of expertise, however in good faith all we can do is install windows as that is what we know how to do best. We also love partnering with other renovation and construction companies so that we are able to refer our clients to great construction sources for projects non-related to security block windows and so that the word can be spread about how great of an advantageous security block glass windows truly can be for you.

We love the security block glass windows and you should too. Over the years our team has come up with creative solutions to use glass block windows in places where they otherwise would not be applicable or serve a specific need of any given environment. Even if you have a challenge for us, and think that the proper installation of glass block windows would be impossible in your use case, we would love to hear from you in order to increase our skills and creativity around glass block windows.

Please reach out and give us a call today at our phone number 414-453-9110 or visit us online on our website to view all of our product services and offerings, or to learn more about how we do business.

Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement | Custom For Our Customers

Here at security Glass block Wisconsin we absolutely specialize in Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement. Over the years we’ve come up with ways not just to install and or repair or standard glass block windows, but we’ve come up with new ways not only to install glass windows but to ventilate them properly and to do anything it takes to make them fit in your perfect use case. Here at glass block Wisconsin we love glass block windows and we want to get them into the mainstream. Not only are glassworks windows a great solution to any security concerns you may have but they can be organized in such a way that they are uniquely beautiful to any other product.

Our company not only strives to be but objectively is the best Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement not only in our state but in the entire country. Using new years of experience make a stand out above the rest of our competitors, and not only does it make our service stand out above the rest of our competitors it makes our windows stand out, our customers go to passersby and all who view them. When you contact security glass park Wisconsin you truly do get a unique customer experience and our team is happy to help you with any customization that you want to perform on your windows from color to shape we go above and beyond to make each and everyone of our customers delighted at the work we perform.

When you search online for Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement we will always come first because we’ve been serving the Wisconsin community for over 30 years. We have the skills that it takes and we’ve proven this over our time and business. Not only can you go online and read our awesome reviews over text but many of our customers have been so divided with our services that they’ve taken it upon themselves to give video testimonials on the amazing experience that they had with the security glass blocks of Wisconsin.

Or experienced friendly faces that the security glass box of Wisconsin will not only guarantee your products for five years, we will do what it takes for our windows to last much much longer than that. Many of the windows that we installed in our earlier years of business still stand today with absolutely minimal maintenance and cleaning over time. Each time we see security glass block windows in our community we not only realize that our community is more protected than if they have another type of window but we get that warm fuzzy feeling from the special design elements the glass blocks bring to the table.

Please give us a phone call right away 414-453-9110 and let us show you why security glass block Wisconsin is the right team for your job or visit us online at, where are you can view our video testimonials online reviews and learn more about our products and service offerings.