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Do you require Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement? Sometimes it’s tough to determine if you require brand new windows or glass block replacement. Don’t worry about that with the Security Glass Block out of Wisconsin. They will be able to assist you and assess what their next and right steps are. Determining the right glass block for your home can be a difficult task, so make sure to give them a call. When it comes to weighing the option its important to know the benefits of glass block.

There are so many Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement with glass blocks. There are many various uses for glass blocks that come with fantastic benefits. Not only does it keep out unwanted dirt and debris but is efficient in controlling heating and cooling. This can save you cost and keep the utility bill lower at a more reasonable amount. Especially when it comes to a dangerous situation such as a robbery having a giant block of glass that is glued together covering the opening of the home makes it not only safer but preferable.

Some might consider a thermal pane for their Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement. Glass blocks are comparable with thermal pane windows; they are viable, durable, and time tested alternatives with many various custom options. Because there is a lot to consider when thinking about replacing basement windows people appreciate the years of experience dealing with the material that fits their needs.

Lets chat about the simplified process at Security Glass Block with regards to glass blocks. You would be surprised at the different possibilities there are when incorporating glass block features into a project. It’s not only for windows. They can be used in bathrooms as walls or room separators. The process is easy. First is working out the logistics of the next glass block project by making a call and getting us the information about the project. Planning the different materials that will be used from the brand, style and the finish required for the project, Once those details have been ironed out , it’s time to get on the site and get the correct measurements. Its installation time is followed by a settling period required for the material to settle correctly. Finally you can enjoy the new install of your project.

Many Commercial builders have used glass blocks in creative and innovative ways. Some have used the glass blocks to accent the building, columns, fountains, walls and windows. For many years the glass block has remained as a classic and has no other substitute. Are you ready to make your design dreams into a reality?

Don’t wait any longer and give Security Glass Block a call at 414-453-9110 or visit You can see all the wonderful projects and raving reviews left by other satisfied customers. You wouldn’t believe how incredible your next project can look.

Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement | The Next Upgrade For Your Windows

Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement is sometimes needed for your next project. When making that decision it’s good to have a local specialist who can help you. In this case you’re in luck with the Security Glass Block. They are your glass block experts who are looking forward to helping turn your glass dreams into a reality. Maybe you are considering upgrading those windows to something that is more efficient or upgrading the look of a room then look no further you have found the right company.

Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance when it comes to Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement. You don’t just want any ordinary window, you want something that keeps unwanted debris or dirt from coming in but with a style. Not only are they more efficient and effective with cooling and heating they offer something different aesthetically. They are beautiful to look at and function just as well.
Some people wonder if it is necessary to put air vents in the basement windows? Even though its not necessarily required, it is recommended. The vents serve multiple purposes from cross-ventilations, but also the ability to get a hose into the basement should an unfortunate event such as flooding or sewage backup. You’ll want the ability to access the basement in the event of something like that were to occur. So it is suggested that a few of them have a vent just in case.

These kind of suggestions are what you can expect from the dedicated team that has been trained to be loyal to the high standard of safety and company core values that ranks them highly with those that require Milwaukee Basement Window Replacement. A good amount of the assembly is completed in the shop, this is due to the nature of the material. Usually it makes sense to assemble the entire project or pieces in the shop rather than doing it on site. So you won’t see most of te material till the installation date.

Sometimes there are people that want to do the installation themselves. This is actually possible to replace the structure if you have the exact measurements. The team would be able to construct a replacement for someone to be able to pick it up from the shop. So if you are more into DIY we have the ability to assist you without having to come out or be a part of the installation. Although Security Glass Block loves to install them, they rather make customers happy and satisfied.

When it comes to upgrading, glass blocks are the right move. Especially if you are subscribed to having a team out whose mission is to provide the highest level of security glass block expertise in the Milwaukee greater Wisconsin area. Eventually windows need upgrades or replacement. Its time to consider the value of your home when making such a purchasing decision. Upgrade and love it. Make sure to call today to get a quote on your next project at 414-453-9110 or you can visit us at When it comes to doing business right, you made the right call by calling Security Glass Block