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Are you considering glass for your Milwaukee Basement Windows? You’re going to love this glass as it’s not only aesthetically pleasing but extremely efficient. They keep your heating and cooling bill lower because of how effective they are. When you think of glass block , think of Security Glass Block in Milwaukee, they are the leading experts in glass block installation. They will make it to your house and measure your windows to ensure an accurate quote that you’re absolutely going to love. It makes sense to reach out if you’ve been thinking about upgrading your windows or if you currently have glass blocks and in need of some repairs.

Milwaukee Basement Windows are not just for residential customers, but for commercial as well. Many clients are commercial construction companies, such as home builders or remodeling contractors and we subcontract for those companies as a reliable source of high-quality results for their clients. you are going to absolutely love working with security glass block. They provide over the top customer services as a leading expert in glass installation you’ll know that you are in the best hands possible when it comes to your glass block installation.

Milwaukee Basement Windows are commonly replaced with glass blocks because of the value it brings back to the home. Not only does it serve as an upgrade to beauty but to security. These windows are much harder to destroy than normal thermal pane windows. It would take more than a tool or a rock to break through these sturdy and durable glass blocks. The security that these provide alone should have you considering going to a glass block in your home.

But they aren’t just for windows. They can be used for accenting buildings, walls, structures, fountains or bathrooms. This creates a high class feeling that most homeowners dream of having. Some concerns are how can i live in such a beautiful home or what are the guests going to think with such a high class feeling. But don’t worry, going glass block is the right move made already by many people. Look at our reviews and find out for yourself. Better yet how about upgrading your place with some glass blocks if you are in the milwaukee area.

Your glass block expert Security Glass block is not only the highest rated company but the most reviewed. There is a reason for that! The quality work that they provide goes above and beyond what most people’s expectations are. Even if you are a DIY-er yourself they can help you, If you measure your windows accurately you can submit that to Security Glass Block and at the shop they will get your materials ready for pick up. Its that easy as long as your measurements are accurate. So regardless if you want to do it yourself or have the high quality installers do it for you, you have made the right move. Call now for your quote at 414-453-9110 or visit

Milwaukee Basement Windows | Choosing the Right Windows

Milwaukee Basement Windows sometimes need replacement. This is very common when it comes to windows. But when you go to the glass block that completely changes the game. This is the next best thing since sliced bread, slice glass blocks! They are beautiful to look at, they bring up the place you might even confuse yourself for being in a new home. Its a basement window, what’s so rad about that? Well let me tell you that not only are they beautiful but efficient. Efficient how? They help keep the heat and cool air in to reduce the need for more utility usage. You mean not only am I getting an upgrade to my windows but energy efficiency. Yup, and your wallet will thank you later!

Milwaukee Basement Windows are only one usage for the glass block provided by Security Glass Block out of milwaukee. Commercial customers have come up with some pretty creative ways to utilize this glass not only in their business but outdoors. They have been used to accent walls, create walls, water features, and separators. This wows everyone who sees them. Many people see this as an upgrade to their current home and business! Bringing up the value with a glass block is exactly what Security Glass Block specializes in.

Milwaukee Basement Windows are commonly now replaced with glass blocks. They provide that extra security you would want from an easily accessible point as a basement window. Some windows are vented to help create cross-ventilation in the basement but also in the event of an emergency. Yes, an emergency! Like what you may be asking. Well what happens in the unfortunate event that you need to get a water hose in the basement because of flooding or maybe some sewage backs up. These are not things you want to think about but things that are considered by the pros over at Security Glass Block. It’s important to think about these things because you never know what can happen. As a homeowner you know things always come up that was completely unexpected.

When choosing the right windows the answer is simple. Glass block is ideal, beautiful and functional. What more could you want from a window. Let the professionals at Security Glass Block come out to your house or jobsite and measure your windows to give you an accurate quote. What’s important is having an accurate quote so we can know to fit within your budget. Why it’s important to stay within the budget. Well, they understand the importance of the financial stress going over budget can be. We want to avoid that by getting the most accurate information possible.

So what are the next steps? Call today that how they will handle the rest. Its an easy process from quote, to measurement to installation to finally enjoying the final product. Call now to 414-453-9110 or check them out at Don’t hesitate to make the necessary moves today and upgrade not just your windows but your life!