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If you have found this article, you are in luck for finding one of the best Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee! If you are someone who is currently having problems with their windows or are in need of a replacement, Security Glass Block is the way to go! Our team of experts are able to do installations, replacements, and even help you choose a beautiful design for your newly installed glass block windows! It can be hard to find the right professional that is trusted to work for you and with you throughout the process as well as have the expertise to complete a job that leaves each client overly-satisfied.

Here at Security Glass Block, our team of professionals have over thirty years of experience installing and replacing glass block windows for hundreds of clients throughout the country. We are primarily based in Milwaukie but are happy to travel for potential jobs if needed. We are simply the best window and glass company/ and have many client reviews to prove that. Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee can handle anything regarding windows, especially when it comes to our clients needs. We are happy to replace your old windows, install our beautiful glass block windows, and help you decide between our variety of designs! Many clients love that they have the option of choosing what their glass block window will look like on the outside and inside of their home.

You might be wondering what makes Security Glass Block one of the best companies to work with. There are so many advantages that you will get if you start working with us, rather than our competitors that do not do as much of a good job. First off, we always ensure projects are done on time and that the current budget set never goes overboard. Clients prefer this over everything because it means we are trusted to be doing the very best job for them. Secondly, we have a 100% gaurantee that we will repair or replace anything that goes wrong with the windows for five straight years. This is something you will not find with most glass and window companies simply because they do not go above and beyond like we do here at Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee. We ensure at each job that our clients are taken care of and they are given the most beautiful block windows.

Here at Security Glass Block, we make the process super easy! Not only that, but we make it easy to follow because we want our clients to start to be excited and hopeful as soon as the process gets started! To get set up with Security Glass Block, all you need to do is a few steps. Go online to our website/ onto our main page. You will then click on the “free estimate” logo and add a few details about yourself and we will get back to you within 24 hours of time the estimate was received. We will then come to your home and take necessary measurements and additional information if needed. By the end of the next day, we will send over a proposal by the end of the following day. Once the agreement or contract is signed, you will have the option of choosing a glass block style that best fits your style. Next, all you will need to do is choose the perfect date and time for your indtasllation and we will get to work!

Go online to and sign up for your free estimate so we can start the window process immediately! We are available anytime throughout the work week at 414-453-9110 if you have further questions regarding the services we offer!

Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee | Meet the Best Window Block Crew!

Have you been in the never ending process of finding Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee? There are so many people that are in need of new windows and have the slightest clue as to why or when they should get replaced. That is where Security Glass Block can come in and install the highest quality of windows that will be more advantageous to you rather than those dusty and old windows! Security Glass Block is the highest and most reviewed glass block company in the nation and can do installations, replacements, and even show a variety of glass block style designs that competitors do not even offer!

The team at Security Glass Block has almost forty years of experience working in the glass block industry and has had tremendous happy clients that can vouch that we will work for you and with you to create the windows of your dreams! Most people do not realize how old, rusty, and disadvantagous their current windows are and we want to change that by educating our clients on how well glass block windows are for your home and environment. The best Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee is so easy to get if you start working with our team at Security Glass Block. If you are interested, we even offer a free estimate and a super simple process to follow! We are able to install glass block windows, replace your old windows with them, and even let you look through our wonderful design collection. Our collection allows you to make your environment more suited to your needs and wants.

Our team of highly-skilled professionals have the knowledge and capabilities to do the best job possible. This is only one of the reasons why many people choose us over our competitors. We love to ensure that our clients are taken care of and are alone for the entirety of the process. We want to make sure each client is taken care of in the best manner and that is why we are more than willing to listen to concerns and take the proper actions necessary to provide a solution. Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee offers a 5 year warranty; this means that if any damage happens to your freshly installed windows in the first 5 years of installing, we will come out and fix it for no cost! We love to offer this because we understand how difficult it can be working without a 100% guarantee such as this.

Our team is consistent on a set of core values that are practiced daily because we want to ensure we are providing high quality work and customer service to each of our clients. One core value that means the most is work ethic. We are 100% on making sure our team members are doing their best and not slacking off. We also like to make sure each member has the correct knowledge and plenty of experience in the field to ensure high quality performance. Another core value that should be practiced among others in the field is teamwork. We want to ensure that our team members are working together to install or replace the most beautiful and efficient glass block windows for you. One core value that is highly important to the team is accountability. We are consistently accountable for all things when it comes to doing our job, especially when it comes to our clients.

Let us help you get set up with a free estimate on and we will be so happy to add you to our long client list and create an impact in your home that you deserve. You can also give us a call at 414-453-9110 for any additional questions and we will be happy to answer them.