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If you are considering Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee, Security Glass Block can be of assistance to you! Not only are we the Highest and most reviewed glass block supplier in Wisconsin, but we are also centered on honesty and integrity. For example, some companies will tell you that if one single glass block is broken, your entire window may need to be fixed. That is not always the case. In some instances, it is recommended that you have the entire window replaced, but not always. You can call us to have a consultation about your situation and we can help you determine if you need an entire new window. If you do not need an entire new window, we will be happy to replace the single block that has damage to it.

If you are sick with the same old plain windows that are in your basement, we have Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee that will suit your needs. We offer glass block windows that can enhance privacy as well as create a more elegant and classy look to your basement. These windows let in a large amount of light so that you can have the feeling of natural light from the outside. glass block windows are extremely durable because of their thickness. They are also very low maintenance because you do not have to clean them very often other than just wipe them down and spray them off with the Garden hose if you desire.

We also strive to make sure that your Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee are on budget. We know that windows can get expensive, but we want to make them accessible to everyone. To do so, we keep our prices low. We also offer a 5-year warranty on craftsmanship and materials. This warranty includes any faults in the materials or in the installation of the glass blocks, but does not cover any damage done by external sources such as vandalism or accidents. In the case that there is vandalism or accidents in just a few blocks and not the entire window, we can definitely replace them at the customer’s expense. This defeats having to replace the entire window.

We also strive for convenience to our customers, so we try to accommodate any concerns that our customers have. We do not require our customers to be physically at the house during the time that we take the measurements, since we know that our customers often cannot be home during Day hours. It is easy enough for us to get an estimate by measuring the outside of the windows.

We can help you get replacement windows at an affordable rate to upgrade your home. We would be happy to get you set up with a consultation today so that we can determine prices and Time frames that we would need to install your new windows. If that is something that sounds of interest to you, feel free to reach out to us by dialing the number 414-453-9110 or by visiting Our website to get started today.

Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee | The best Security

When looking to increase security and safety of your home, Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee are the glass blocks for you. glass block windows are made of thick glass blocks. The thick glass blocks are very difficult to break through. They are also difficult to see through, so people from the outside cannot see into your home. Additionally, since the class blocks are sealed and thick, they can keep noise levels down. This can prevent anyone from the outside trying to eavesdrop on your conversations from the inside.

There are many different ways to incorporate Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee glass blocks into your home. glass block windows can be used for privacy windows in bathrooms, as well as privacy windows in basements. glass blocks can also be used as a shower ball. This creates a beautiful aesthetic look for any showers that you are planning to give the glass look too. These glass blocks can also help you form a walk-in shower.

These Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee glass block windows also preserve privacy Within garages. The garage is where many people keep important items. If your garage has a window in it, it is possible for a thief to be able to look in the garage window to seeWhat valuable items you have before breaking in. with a glass block window, a thief will be unable to see through the glass block window, and hope you are less likely to try to steal whatever objects you have inside. they will not risk breaking into a garage if they do not know what stuff you have inside it. The glass block windows will also be very tough to break through, and will cause lots of noise and distraction for the thief. This will likely scare away the thief since they will not want much attention on them.

Our glass block windows give added privacy to your home and garage as well as add a beautiful Finishing Touch to the look of your house. If we can help you get your home looking the way that you desire, we would be happy to set up a consultation with you today. We not only provide glass block windows for your house, but also for any businesses that you would like glass blocks done for. glass block windows can be useful in schools, offices, workplaces such as doctor’s offices, and anywhere that needs added privacy and security.

We encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible so that we can get a quote started for you to determine the cost and time it will take to set up the specific glass block window that you would like. You can reach out to us on our website Where you can also find a list of hours of services, reviews given to us by our customers, pictures of our previous work, and learn a little more about us. You can also reach us by phone number at 414-453-9110 to address any concerns and get set up with us today.