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If you have a broken window in your basement you are going to need to get a Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee This is going to be something that you are going to love and it is a great design and Beauty full of aspects. because whenever you have a basement that you have a window broken in, do not replace it with a board or any other thing that you can just stick in it. Whatever you can use are Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee instead; these are going to be very durable and they’re going to help you out. not only that but the price is great.

and not only that but whenever you use these glass boxes they’re going to be able to add sunlight into your house again. and you’re going to see it again. They are super bright there , so transparent I mean their class is clear blocks that you can’t see through what kind of Genius is that. but we are going to be able to provide Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee and it is going to be way more secure than whenever you had a traditional window.

because whenever you have a traditional window it is absolutely not the way you want to do it. cuz I can break if you’ve ever had a ball through the window you know that they can break and you know that it’s not even that hard to do it. and so if it all can do it for my kid that is 5 and it is accidental then if a person is trying to enter into the home, they are going to be able to get in as well.

What our black glass blocks have cured, they’re going to be secure as if you have a cement wall there. because whatever these things appeared they are unbreakable and that the seal is never coming loose. so whenever you have a need for a secure window. These are your only options. because if you go for the traditional window these are breakable no matter what you can also break into a traditional window quite easily. if you know what you’re doing. but if you have a glass block window these are going to be solid as if it was just the wall. no way to break through them and they are absolutely 100% guaranteed. for at least 5 years. And that is with full warranty as well. and Molly that you’re going to work with some of the nicest greatest people in the industry.

we happen to know if there’s another Glass Block Company here in Milwaukee so we do have some competition but if you will be eased I can find out that we are the highest and most rated of all the glass block companies and that means that we happen to be loved by our customers and you are going ort as well. So give us a call and we are going to call you back 414-453-9110 or to the website at

Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee | repairs to old blocks

Just like any other part of an old building there many times that we find that there is an old glass block and a design element and an old building that needs to be repaired and they don’t know exactly where those glass box came from we don’t know who manufactures them or who did the insulation but they have age and they need to repair is done in order to regain at their security and their design aspects.

We are going to be able to see that job for you and we’re going to be able to do it in a way that is going to be not only able to secure the blocks and make them structurally sound again but also they are going to be beautiful and it looks like they’re brand new. and after we repair them you’re going to find out that these Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee are brand new

They can is going to create a seal and a closed structure that is never going to be able to break at that point. and you are going to have a very secure window. and this is a type of window that is going to let the light in so let the vitamin B in it is going to be beautiful and it’s going to be designed in a way that’s going to look very sleek and stylish.

Whenever you use our Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee Great pictures to make your installation possible you’re going to find out that the seller and after they are cured they are going to be more secure than he could have ever imagined. because there was a way back in the 70s and ’80s but whenever they were first installing these blocks and even the 90s whenever they did it a certain way. But now and now we have greater silence and we have better processes they’re more secure than ever and they’re going to be the Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee, that is going to make your building feel brand new again.

whether it’s your home or it is your office buildings we’re going to find out that we can restore and make your new glass blocks feel like they’re brand new again make your building feel like it’s brand new again and you’re still going to get the benefit of all that vitamin D and all the sudden like that makes your employees or your family happy and healthy and ready to face the world. without feeling like they’re in a dungeon because that is absolutely what happens if you decide to start replacing these windows with something that does not let the light in. because we have to have life. In fact studies show that without light we would not survive. Of course we all know this is true so we suggest that you pick the choice that is going to give you the vitamin D for your happiness, health and life. Go to the website at Or give us a call and we will be at your location before you know it at 414-453-9110.