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Have you been on the lookout for Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee? We help others find the best glass and window professionals to make sure the job gets done right and the price is exactly what they are looking for. Finding the best suited professional window company can be difficult, but we are here to make it easy! Glass Blocks are the best type of window and have many advantages that are more beneficial for you rather than having regular windows. Try out Glass Blocks and you will not be disappointed.

Here at Security Glass Block, we carry the Industry’s most secure & durable glass block windows! We have been boomin’ in business since 1990 and have established well known connections with other professionals in the industry. This is why we have been able to top all of our competitors. We have a team of highly skilled professiononals who have the right credibility and over 30 years of experience! If you are looking for Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee, Security Glass Blocks is the way to go! We have been able to help hundreds of clients love their home and even feel more safe. We offer installation, pick-up, and a variety of designs that gets our clients super pumped for their new windows!

There are so many benefits to working with Security Glass Block rather than other professionals in the area. We offer a free estimate for you which means after you sign up for that free estimate, we will be so happy to get with you and discuss the overall plans for your office, house, or building. We also offer a 5 year warranty for craftsmanship and materials which means that if any mistakes are made, glass broken, or any other situation, we will replace it for free for you! This is something that other Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee competitors will not do for you! We love to go above and beyond when it comes to our clients and the services we provide. You will never be disappointed when working with us!

There are more than one benefits for you if you choose to go with the Glass Block window and you will be amazed at how beneficial they really are! Glass Block windows are a type of window that is better than your average window. If you are looking for an installation or even a replacement, Security Glass Block is here for you every step of the way. Glass block not only keeps away dirt, debris, mold, and mildew but it actually can prevent it. This will result in your home being more clean and there is a lesser chance of sicknes. It is also just as efficient, if not more, than your regular window. This means you can save more money on cooling costs. It is also great with outside noises and preventing them!

We would love to get you set up with our free estimate! Go online and visit and located on our main page is where you can fill out the free estimate form! We are also avilable through 414-453-9110 during the work week and we will be so happy to assist you!

Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee | Looking for Windows? We have the Best!

Have you been searching for Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee, but have run out of luck? It can be difficult to find the right professional who can be trusted to have the key knowledge to give you the best windows, whether it be a replacement or installation. We want to help you find a professional with lots of credibility, experience, and a greater understanding of windows. That is what we do best! Keep reading on and we will find you a professional who will fit your needs best.

Security Glass Block has been in busines since 1990 and has been carrying the industry’s most secure & durable glass block windows! For over 30 years, our team has been working hard to gain a better understanding of windows and to be able to give you the top customer service you have ever received. Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee is no big deal when you are working with Security Glass Block! We strive to be better than our competitors and have proven to be the top company/ with all of our hard work over the years. We are used to getting many referrals from friends and family as well as five star reviews from the many clients we have been able to help.

Our awesome team at Security Glass Block has gained so much credibility over the years with each of our clients as well as professionals in the window and glass industry. This means we are trusted by hundreds to take care of all their window needs, and you should as well. We always get projects done on time and on budget so you will never have to worry about time going over or going over budget. These are some of the things that our client loves about Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee. We have been acknowledged from the national association of the remodeling industry, the better business Bureau, and Clipper magazine! These are some great and very well-known publications.

We love to use core values so that our team is always on top! One core value we love to work on daily is trustworthiness. This is why we trust our team to do a good job and the clients trust us to do a great job. You can trust us that we will be honest with everything from the start to the finish. Another important core value is `work ethic. We have a team full of hard workers who will be consistent in working hard with each job that is given to us. One core value that is loved by the team is coachable. We want to make sure our team is coachable and that is why we only hire the best to work with us. Each team member needs to be coachable in order to give the best every time!

Come join us and get spectaulatular windows that you deserve! Sign up for your first free estimate at to get the process started! We are open for any additional questions if you would like to dial 414-453-9110 .