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Are you searching for Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee, but have not been so lucky? It can be difficult to determine whether or not a professional is going to be the best fit for you. That is why we want to help you find the best glass and window team that is trustworthy, has work ethic, and has a greater understanding of the complexity of windows. Most people do not understand how important high quality windows are for your home and the environment in your home. Glass Block windows are simply the best and have more advantages than most windows in people’s homes today. Let us get you a professional who will treat you right at a great price.

Security Glass Block is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has been impacting hundreds all through an installation or replacement of a window. We started out in 1990 and have been in business for over thirty years. This gives us the confidence to be able to help out with anything regarding windows because we are so experienced. We offer a free estimate for those of you who are interested in trying out our services! Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee is able to install, pick up, and even replace your windows at the right price! We carry the industry’s most durable and high quality glass block windows!

Some people may wonder, why choose Security Glass Block? First of all, we have a 5 year craftsmanship and materials warranty that lasts 5 years. This means that anytime between those five years, we will come out to your home and fix whatever problem that may have come up. We have trusted clients that can vouch for the fact that we get each job done on time and we never go over the budget that started in the agreement. Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee is also the highest and most reviewed in the entire state of Wisconsin. Another great reason to get set up with our team is that we are considerate, courteous, clean, and efficient. Many people refer us to friends and family due to the amazing service we give to each of our clients. We strive to be the best of the best when installing these glass block windows and everyone knows it!

If you are looking for windows that are high quality, durable, or resistant, glass block windows are the way to go! Currently, there are so many people that deal with windows that are old, rugged, and simply do not do a good job of preventing weather and other things that do not belong in your home. Glass block windows are in style and everyone’s favorite lasting trend. There are so many advantages when using glass block windows that after getting them installed, most people want to keep them forever. In simple form, they are so much better than the windows you probably have in your home. Glass block windows not only resist mild, mold, mildew, and rain, but it has a special sealant that completely shuts off anything from coming into your home. It means that dirt, debris, and rainfall will never be an issue whereas regular windows are constantly causing issues in your home.

Hey, it sounds like you are ready to start the glass block window journey! Feel free to visit us online at to set up your first free estimate! The process is so simple and easy to follow which means less stress for you! You can also call us at 414-453-9110 and we will be happy to answer any further questions.

Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee | Get a free estimate today!

It can be difficult to find Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee, but do not worry! We are here to help. There are many different companies that work in the glass and window industry and it is so difficult to find the right fit for you! Some companies make it harder when trying to find the perfect window for you which can cause more stress and less time. You never know who to trust with your windows because they could easily get messed up if you get with the wrong professional. We want to help you find a professional who knows exactly what they are doing and has enough experience to make you feel more confident and at ease.

Our team at Security Glass Block is compared to other companies in the industry due to the good energy and strong work ethic each team member has. We strive to be the best and that is why we offer some amazing services. We have been established since 1990 and have been working for over 30 years to build up a team that is well established, knowledgeable, and has a strong work ethic. Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee is simple when you work with Security Glass Block! Glass Block is a type of window that is beneficial for your home or office and is quite the opposite of the current windows in your home. Glass block windows are completely resistant to mold, mildew, dirt, debris, and much more! It will also keep your heating and cooling costs at a minimum. It allows for more heat control and noise is reduced; something that normal windows have an issue with. If you are interested in a safer option when it comes to windows, glass block is your best friend!

Over here at Security Glass Block, we strive to be the best we can be! That is why we always give 110% at every single job. There are so many advantages if you decide to work with our team! We have a 100% guarantee that from the time we install or replace your windows, we have a warranty that allows us to fix anything that may have gone wrong from the time we start to an extended five years! Most clients love that we always have projects done on time and we will never go over budget. There are hundreds of people as well as professionals who trust us to do an excellent job and we love that we have built up so much credibility over the years. This is what helps us to create strong and trusting bonds with each of our clients. Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee will do so much good for your home that you will want them for future endeavors.

There are many benefits to using glass block windows in your home, office, or building. First off, you will never have to worry about dirt, mold, or mildew seeping into your home. We use a special sealer called instant glaze that is used for all of the custom glass block windows, shower walls, and glass block panels! This sealant is not used with other competitors and simply makes us the top security glass block for your windows because we already give you more advantages! The sealant we use allows for complete resistance to mold and mildew as well as rain. It’s highly efficient for heating and noises. This just means low energy bills and less noise from the outside!

It might be time to use our services at Security Glass Block and get windows that will stay will you forever! Visit us at and sign up for your free estimate so we can get this process started! Please give us a call at 414-453-9110 and we would love to answer any further questions!