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Looking for Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee? Well you are in luck with the Security Glass Block. They understand most homeowners are not the experts when it comes to glass block windows, shower walls, or even installation. That’s totally okay because the specialist with Security Glass Block will help guide you through the processes. They understand that everyone has questions especially when it deals with their home. So below will be the guide on your local window specialist Security Glass Block.

Some wonder how far they travel for Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee? That’s a great question! Typically most jobs are within a 30 mile radius of the facility but depending on the scope of the project they are happy to travel further out to madison, sheboygan, fond du lac and even chicago.
Do I leave the basement window without a glass block? Another great question and it’s really going to be dependent on if you use the basement as a bedroom or not. If you do use it as a bedroom The Wisconsin Department of Commerce Uniform Building Codes require that there be a provision for escape in the event of a fire. If it’s not , you may install glass block windows in the openings.

What if a single glass block is broken? Do I need Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee? No you don’t need it entirely replaced but a quick call to take a look at the situation will better determine if a replacement is even needed. Some are concerned with how long the workers have been in business? The Installation manager leads a full time veteran crew with more than 20 years of experience working with top rated glass. The crew is professional and at the core live by the values of being trustworthy, accountability, hardworking, teamwork and coachability.

When it comes to the job itself on average it takes 30 to 45 minutes per window to install the glass block basement windows. Bathroom windows will take a bit longer, approximately 1 to 2 hours and about the same time for garage windows. It’s important to note that the labor portions of all quotes assume a minimum of an hour on site. Then we move onto payment. Do they offer payment plans? Financing currently is not an option but they do accept cash and all major credit cards or debit cards. Does that mean we have to put money down?

No money down is required but a credit card on file is required for scheduling the job, although no money is taken or applied. The card will be run after the installation is complete. You are not required to be home during the initial quote because most windows can be measured from the outside. Although its not required for someone to be there during the quote , someone does have to be home for the glass to be installed.

So if you are ready to make the move or need some replacement make sure to call Security Glass Block at 414-453-9110 or you can reach us online at

Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee| Are Glass Blocks for You?

When searching for Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee you have to consider Security Glass Block! They provide the industry’s most secure and durable glass block windows. By choosing Security Glass Block you will experience the highest and most reviewed glass block supplier in Wisconsin. You don’t have to just take our word for it, review them at You might be wondering why even choose Security Glass Block? I’m glad you asked they offer a 5 year craftsmanship and material warranty. Not only that, they guarantee to finish every project on time and within budget. That’s top notch business!

You might be wondering if I need Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee? You might have some damage or concern if you can even have glass blocks installed in your home. Don’t worry the specialist and installers with Security Glass Block can accurately assess and quote your current project. What if my basement is a bedroom? Unfortunately Wisconsin Building Code requires that every room have an exit so glass would not be allowed to be installed.But this is the honesty and trustworthiness you can expect from the installers.

You’re probably wondering at this point are Replacement Basement Windows Milwaukee for me? The best way to find out is by having them come out to your house or job site to measure the windows to give you an accurate quote. With many years of experience, dealing with all things related to glass, they strive to bring detailed and professional touch to all the products the client is really looking for at their homes or offices.

They keep the process pretty simple for everyone in a great 6 step process. Step one is the most important: give them a call, this way the team has an idea of your project or needs. Step two is the measurement meeting. In order to provide you an accurate estimate the team needs to come out and physically measure the project. Step three, is the final agreement. Everyone will review, approve and sign the estimate that has the targeted installation date. Materials will be ordered here if needed. Fourth step will be installation day! This is the exciting one where the installation team will come out to complete the project. The 5th step is the curing process where the materials need to settle before they are fully complete. The last step which can be overlooked is ENJOY! Your new glass block project has been completed. This essentially is your guide to security glass blocks and their best practices. It wasn’t that bad now was it. Together we can make your windows look great and keep unwanted first and debris out. you’re going to have the most interesting and most high-tech glass protecting you and your family from any Intruders or even the cold from the outside.

These expectations are set throughout the process so everyone is aware of everything that’s going on with an honest and trustworthy line of communication. At this point it’s time to reach out to 414-453-9110 or visit to get your estimate process started.