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When you’re looking to get a glass block put in your window for your residential or commercial property then top glass block supplier milwaukee is going to be the business for you. We understand that most of her clients aren’t typically an expert in what we do so we’re here to walk you through the process and answer any questions that you could possibly have. On her website, we’ve actually created a list of the most common questions and we’ve answered them for you! We love to keep innovating our industry to make sure that we take care of our clients 100% of the time so we are excited to have you start our services today!

One thing that is going to set us apart from competitors since we are the top glass block supplier milwaukee is that we are currently trying to expand outside of the Milwaukee area. We also continue to keep up with codes and safety compliance all the time so if you have a basement that is used as a bedroom we can add a glass block to your basement window that is currently not being used as a bedroom we can also offer to put openings in your glass block windows so if there ever was an emergency situation you can safely leave your home through your glass block.

Whenever you start your services with top glass block supplier milwaukee you’re also signing up with the most expertise and knowledge in the industry today. Whenever we install your glass block windows, depending on the area of the home that you’re wanting to put it in that we are going to suggest that you add a cross-ventilation by putting a small vent in the window or having another window in your basement. This is going to ensure safety if there ever was a situation where you needed to open the windows or if a disaster were to strike. If your home is flooded or has sewage back up in your basement. You would be able to stick a hose through that ventilation in your glass block to be able to fit a hose in to remove the water or waste.

When you sign up with top glass block supplier milwaukee we have the core values that put us at the top whenever it comes to honesty and integrity. We have clients that call all the time about a broken block or multiple that I’ve maybe broken for various different reasons. We don’t want any other company to tell you that the entire window needs to be replaced. We make our windows to the point where we can safely replace those blocks that have been broken or cracked so do make more financial sense to you to just replace a couple of blocks rather than the entire window.

We would love for you to give us a call and set up your first quote over the phone (414) 453-9110 or you can visit us on our website at so we can provide you with more details and information about the services you’re going to receive from our company!

Top Glass Block Supplier Milwaukee | High Quality Glass

If you’re wanting to add a glass block window or shower to the project that you’re working on right now then top glass block supplier Milwaukee is going to make any combination for you. We are excited to be offering the most high-quality glass blocks in the industry and we’re going to be a glass block supplier that you can come to know and trust. We’ve been in business for almost 50 years so we can ensure that whenever you send it to a company we’re going to give you the best quality service that you can potentially get anywhere else.

At your top glass block supplier milwaukee, we can guarantee you that the window or shower that you’re installing is going to be maintenance-free if your panel is fabricated. Whenever it’s assembled and installed properly the only maintenance you’ll have to do is wipe the inside of the blocks. This is typical with any kind of shower cleaning duties that you should be performing anyways. Whenever you were cleaning the outside of your glass block windows you can just spray them with a hose to keep them squeaky clean. We continuously strive to be the most reviewed glass box supplier in the Milwaukee area and we continue to prove why every day.

We will continue to be the top glass block supplier milwaukee because we offer a 5-year warranty and guarantee on all labor and material for 5 years. This will also include any defects of the material that could potentially have but it’s highly unlikely. We exclude any breakage due to vandalism or accidents that can happen to your glass panels. all of our guarantees and warranties are going to be at the bottom of your proposal and receipt forms you’re going to sign so you’re guaranteed to have the 5-year warranty if something were to happen.

Every job that we performed has a different timeline to completion dates depending on how big or how small your job is. We noticed the average job can take us approximately 30 to 45 minutes per window to install and that’s going to be for your basement windows.4 bigger to normal size windows it’ll approximately take about 1 hour to 2 hours to install 4 bathroom and garage windows. On your quote, we always assume a minimum of one hour for each site that way we can be prepared and not have to overcharge you on your quote if it takes more for any issue that we could potentially run into. Issues to run into are very rare so it’s something that you won’t have to necessarily worry about.

We believe in the work we do at security glass block and Milwaukee, so we can guarantee that you’re going to have a high-quality product after each installation that we perform. Would offer free quotes over the phone or on our website so you can call us at (414) 453-9110 or our website at for any additional details or information you might need.