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Security glass block holds the most secure and durable glass block windows. We are the most experienced and highest-reviewed Top Glass Block Supplier Milwaukee. Supplying security for class tomorrow goes is something we perfect. You will notice the difference in your space by having a brighter and nicer space with quality windows. We are one of many companies that can offer commercial-grade work for our local residents. Taking pride to be here for our customers in a diligent and efficient manner.

We are trustworthy and we are the highest and most reviewed supplier. Having an on-time budget and we will finish every project on time and on budget with the guarantee that we offer every customer. For all of our projects, we offer 5-year craftsmanship and materials. We are confident that you will choose the security glass block.

We are here for our clients who are not experts at glass block window manufacturing and installation. we have answers to all of your questions. will be able to travel to you within a 20 to 30-mile radius of our facility Top Glass Block Supplier Milwaukee. sometimes depending on the scope of the project will be able to consider traveling outside or typical radius. whether your basement is in use of a locked window or your bedroom, or bathroom we are able to help you. we’ll be able to go and install your glass block windows in the uniform of the building codes. will be able to give you the best recommendations for your space and how to install your glass block windows. We are a manufacturer so if you already know your measurements and know how to install we will be able to supply you with the glass block and supplies to install them yourself. We do recommend hiring an experienced professional to install such unique windows.

We offer a guarantee on all labor and materials for 5 years. and will be able to do repairs or trade them out for new glass block windows if they are broken due to vandalism and accidents. you’ll be able to get a specified guarantee in the statement at the bottom of your proposal and s receipt forms. Top Glass Block Supplier Milwaukee is here to give you the most unique and diligent installation and it is of quality. We are here to make our customers happy. We are here for our customers as we will walk you through the whole process. We will be able to answer your questions and concerns. Before your project, during your project, and after your project, we will be here for you.

To speak more in-depth about what you are wanting to get out of your glass block windows and what we can offer you please call us today at 414-453-9110.For more information about security glass block and about getting a quote today, you can go to our website by visiting us at

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Our team of professionals will be able to come out to your house or job site and will be able to speak with somebody and provide accurate quotes and measurements then will get our team will be able to manufacture your windows and install them properly. We are a Top Glass Block Supplier Milwaukee. We are here to help clients get the most out of the construction or replacement of their homes or building to help them create and top off their projects. We are here to help you and walk you through each step that we will take. From getting a quote to installation we will work diligently. Offering a 5-year warranty, so you can be worry-free.

As soon as you give us a call or team members will get an idea of your project and your needs by speaking to you and hearing what you want out of your specific project. will set up a measurement meeting where our team will come out and physically measure your project to ensure that we give accurate estimates through accurate measurements. we want to be able to give accurate pricing for your projects, is very important that are professionals come out to measure your project. will be able to come up with a final agreement we can review, approve, and sign an upfront and transparent estimate.

After our team has measured your space, providing you with the final agreement. Scheduling an installation day will be the next step. The technical installation team will be able to go back to the project site and complete the installation of your glass block windows. This is the most exciting for most as they are able to see their project put together. Although we are needing someone there as our team is taking measurements. You do not have to be there during installation.

After they have completed the installation that will be a caring process as the materials need to be able to settle for a bit before they can fully complete the project for your Top Glass Block Supplier Milwaukee. After your project is completed you’ll be able to enjoy your new glass block windows. we have a dedicated team who works diligently and efficiently to be able to give you high-quality glass block windows.

Our team who works diligently and proficiently and follows core values has allowed our team to regularly get reviewed and get high ranks from our clients. when you choose us to be your top Glass Block Supplier Milwaukee. You’ll be able to get a team who is on a mission to provide the highest level of security glass block expertise and construction services. Having a dedicated team to take care of your construction and giving you quality work is crucial to the look of your house or building. Over the years we haven’t been able to perfect our craft. therefore we have been able to serve our clients with the best quality glass block windows.

To discuss your project more thoroughly with one of our team members to have a professional team come out to you to measure your area for glass block windows please give us a call today at 414-453-9110. You can get a free estimate today by visiting our website at and fill out a form today.